“In March 2015, my husband and I ordered Fx180 Formica countertops in Petrified Wood for our kitchen remodel with a Karran 340 under mounted sink from Richard Howard at Home Depot in Hermitage, TN.

I was pleased to get a call from David (the installer) at Design Works last Sunday arranging an install date of today for the countertops. I had thought the install would not take place until May 29th, so I was pleased to get this news. David called when they were on their way to the house. They arrived precisely when they said they would. They installed the countertops with mounted sink and I was pleased with the way they knotched the formica around the exposed brick chimney. The one seam in the countertop looks great. They vacuumed up all of the sawdust that resulted from cutting the countertops. They left the kitchen very clean. When I saw the countertops completely installed with that slick undermounted sink; I was totally delighted!

I can not tell you how much I love these countertops with the undermounted sink! They have totally exceeded my expectations. It was definitely well worth the wait. The way Design Works handled our order and delivery issues was superlative. It is very sad to say that very few American companies today are well managed enough to know that providing the highest level of customer service must be a personal commitment taken on by all employees in a company. Design Works has this down to a T. From David in installations, to Matt managing logistics, to Darien assuring me the order would be corrected and shipped out as soon as possible, I have felt confident Design Works would provide us with an excellent end product by the date they committed to. And they have. I will be recommending Design Works to my neighbors and friends. I would like to commend Design Works for their commitment to excellence and to thank Home Depot for using them for this installation.”

I am a very happy customer.

Best regards,

Julie B.

Thank you Julie!